Course Catalog

Manifesto excels at working with custom data structures, like university course catalogs, program details, colleges, departments, and programs.

For Notre Dame University of Maryland, we've developed an online course catalog that provides a compliant source of information for students at registration, and at a fraction of the cost of similar solutions from Acalog or CourseLeaf.

  • Manifesto Core
  • Course Catalog Generator
  • Custom menus
  • Template Pages (with custom templates)

Importing data from Colleague or other enterprise solutions requires a solution that is tailored to your university's use case. Custom development is expected in situations like this, so Manifesto opts for a flexible architecture that can be configured for your institutions particular needs, rather than attempting to throw in every feature in the kitchen sink. Better to have lean software that does exactly what you need instead of bloated software packed with features you will not use.